Gossip Column Featuring Ordinary People

I was reading over at RadarOnline (hangs head in shame) and it struck me how all that was written appears to be factual. I have to remind myself to question it or, better yet, not read it at all.  

Since when did it become acceptable to report about a family's personal struggles with finances, illness, relationships, money, etc. ???  For example, because Julia Roberts happens to have enjoyed some success as an actress, that means it's OK to tell the world that she had a strained relationship with her sister, who was recently found dead from an apparent suicide, and her mother is a smoker who is not battling lung cancer.  Right?  

For just a few minutes I'd like to see what it would look if we did that to a non-famous person. Here are a few stories which purposely contain exaggerated truths (or outright lies) based on reports from "sources"-- much like we'd see in any of the gossip rags out there.  This is purely fictional and I'm using random stock photos from public online sources. 

Lisa Jones Faces Divorce
Facebook Photo during happier times
 After Lisa Jones' first marriage fell apart amid financial ruin and rumors of cheating, she is now faced with a potential second divorce. Husband, Jason, was seen slamming the door as he exited their home on Wednesday morning. Neighbors reported his angered expression. "He's a nice guy. It's too bad she can't keep him happy."  
Her first marriage to Kevin Fuller, a salesman for a car dealership, ended after 8 years. They had two children together, Molly and Adam.  Fuller pays $145 a week in child support and sees the children alternate weekends and every Wednesday evening for dinner.
If Lisa's second marriage ends in divorce she won't be receiving any child support since the couple have been unsuccessful at conceiving a child. Sources close to the couple report that Lisa has considered seeking help from a fertility specialist and she secretly blames Jason for the problem.

Bill Anderson FIRED!

Bill Anderson can't seem to catch a break. After he lost his job during the massive GM layoffs, his car was repossessed (the ultimate irony-- he lost his job with the same manufacturer that produced his car!) and he nearly lost his home. Lucky for him, his wife, Nancy, was able to pick up extra shifts at her job and she kept the family afloat.
Just as his $413 a week unemployment was about to run out, a miracle happened!  Bill was hired by Singer Fiber Board as a production manager. Co-workers said he was not a  good fit from the start. "We've been working here a long time and along comes this dude thinking he can change things! We knew his days were numbered." Bill reportedly attempted to streamline scheduling and claimed to be looking to increase productivity.
Unsubstantiated reports say he accepted a higher-paying position at another company.

Ashley Wilson -- Shocking Photos 

Private Facebook Photo
Ashley Wilson recently posted a selfie on her Facebook wall that clearly displays the ten pounds she's gained.  An insider from her private page leaked the photo to us. "She was always into working out and eating healthy. She's given that up after her boyfriend ditched her. I"m really worried."
Ashley had been dating Derrick Foster for nearly three months when he abruptly ended the relationship. Sources close to the couple say Derrick grew tired of her constant demands for more time together. (As of press time Derrick could not be reached for comment.)  

Ashley appears to have abandoned her fit life and given in to the lures of potato chips and ice cream. "I don't know if she'll ever get into a size 2 again. It's sad to see this."

Can you even imagine anyone printing this type of personal information, speculation, and comments about an average person? If it happened, we'd likely object.  So, why do we accept the same types of 'reports' about a public figure? Why isn't there an outrage about that? The simple fact is that if no one purchased the gossip magazines, they would no longer be printed.  The industry would fade out.  

After thinking about this for a few days, I've committed to never purchase another tabloid or even give their online site a hit.  I will no longer support an industry that thrives on publicizing questionable information about public figures.  I hope you'll think about it and consider joining me in this boycott. 

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