Six Christmas Gift Suggestions

Have some people on your list that already have it all?  This will help.*

1. Pet Petter

It's about time someone found a way to save us the hassle of petting our pets. 

2. Gummie Zits

Yummy and fun too!

3. Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

Few people will admit it but deep in our hearts we are all a little jealous of cat ladies. 

4. Coffee Talkies 

Imagine how fun it will be when Uncle Jim opens these useful coffee mugs that also function as Walkie Talkies! 

5. Faith

Sadly, this breath spray is no longer available for purchase.  However, here's a link to a similar item: Click Here

6. Meatball Bubble Gum

I have never met anyone who doesn't love bubble gum.  And Meatballs. 

*Fine Print: Some of these items don't actually exist.  But, they should. 

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