Jennifer D'Alessandro says: Shame on you Bon Ton!

Each year, the Bon Ton hosts a weekend event called "Community Day".  They provide coupon booklets for non-profits to sell and it is promised to hold over $500 in savings.  This description is found on the website:

WHAT IS COMMUNITY DAY?Community Days is our annual fundraising event designed to provide schools, nonprofit and 501c3 organizations with a fun and easy way to raise money. Since 1999, the event has raised over $100 Million! All materials are provided risk free.

On the surface, this appears to be a very benevolent thing to do.  We purchased a booklet and made sure to stop in.  It only took a few minutes for us to realize that the Bon Ton was pulling a fast one. They had raised the normal prices so that after using coupon you were basically paying normal prices. 

Here's an example: 
Jennifer D'Alessandro
Bon Ton's ad- note the price

Jennifer D'Alessandro
Identical unit on Amazon

We own this coffee maker and paid about $135 for it last winter.  In the Community Days coupon book there was a coupon for 40% off coffee makers. Apply that discount and the price comes down to $141 which is fairly close to the regular in-store price.  Of course, Amazon has it for less money but I suspect shipping will even that out.  

How dare they pretend to be helping out the community when they are actually using Brownie troops, middle school students, sports teams, and other groups of children to generate traffic to their store.  It's outrageous!  

Shame on you Bon Ton! 

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