Jennifer D'Alessandro's Advice: Optimize Yourself

When someone searches for 'Jennifer D'Alessandro' I want them to find this page.  Why was this my goal?  Because I wanted to have some control over what people see when they search for my name.  Leaving that up to chance can leave you open to a myriad of things. What if you share your name with a quasi-famous porn start?

Most of us don't know the technicalities of SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  That's why big companies hire professionals to make sure their pages rank first, or at least on the first page, in search engine results. When I first set out to optimize myself, I read a lot of articles and most of them completely confused me.

Here's the dumbed down version of things. Think of your name as a keyword.   Google and other search engines regularly send out 'crawlers' to scan websites and detect the keywords they contain.  They also look for links and other content to determine exactly what that website it about.  Keep in mind, these are automated computer programs that do the 'crawling' so they lack the ability to use conscious thought.  All they can do is scan the words and links on your site and make a calculation. Once the information is collected it is plugged in a mathematical algorithm and the results will determine where the search engine ranks your page.

Google is actually doing this as a service to people browsing the web.  By scanning through all these sites for us and ranking them appropriately they are saving us time when we need to find information.  (THANK YOU GOOGLE!)

To fully optimize yourself you will need to secure your domain name and be sure to include your name in the title of your posts and in the first two lines.  Add tags that include various alternate spellings of your name. It's a good idea to link your posts to other websites, as I have done throughout this post to demonstrate.

By using this method I was able to rank my name FIRST on Google in under two months.

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