You didn't win the award? Celebrate anyway!

We've grown up in a world that celebrates achievement, skill, and excellence.  All of us have sat through awards presentations as a relatively few people are honored. Aside from a family member, who really enjoys these events? It's easy to feel a bit inferior as your classmate/teammate/work colleague is highlighted for being amazing and you are forced to sit, clap, and stiffly smile.  After the ceremony you either slip out quietly or offer congratulations that might lack some heart felt sincerity.

When's the last time you took stock in your life and celebrated all that you have already done?  Most of us don't even think about it.  What is so special about your life?  Probably a lot.  Grab a piece of paper and start to make a list of what you have already accomplished.  I bet you will be surprised.

Here's a sample list to inspire to:

  • Successfully learned to go in the potty. 
  • Mastered reading, writing, and even some arithmetic
  • Passed that class that challenged every brain cell you possess
  • Graduated high school
  • Graduated college 
  • Landed your first job
  • Knew when it was time to find the second job
  • Got that promotion
  • Found the perfect spouse
  • created some pretty adorable kids
You get the idea.  When you start to create the list you will feel a sense of pride and it will inspire you to keep working.  Maybe your name was not engraved on the award.  That doesn't mean that you don't deserve a celebration.  Never lose sight of everything you have already accomplished and don't wait for someone else to notice.  It's time to CELEBRATE!

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