Jennifer D'Alessandro: What's shaping your destiny? Fate or YOU?

When you think about your life, your future, and your goals, what do you think is the greatest influence?  Do you feel like life dealt you a raw deal and you are just not as lucky as everyone else?  Why does that other guy have it so much better?

Your answers to these questions can be very telling.  "Locus of control" is the degree in which you feel that your life is the result of your choices or from external forces outside of you.  The word 'locus' is Latin for "place."  What is your place of control?

If you strongly feel that your life is the result of your choices, then you have an internal locus of control. A person with an external locus of control feels that fate is just not working in their favor.

Obviously, we can't control everything in life.  Sometimes, bad things happen that you don't deserve. Other people can make choices that cause you pain.  However, with a strong internal locus of control, you will recognize your ability to respond to unfortunate events.  You learn to take control appropriately and not wallow in a 'victim mentality.'  The stronger your internal locus of control, the more likely you are to be successful.

How do you determine which is you?  There are many sites to take a simple test to reveal this for you.
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