Jennifer D'Alessandro Nonprofit fundraising- Three Myths

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Nonprofit Fundraising - Three Myths:

Myth 1: Face it, fund-raising is impossible and the process is a mystery. Anyone who has failed at it or has managed to avoid being held accountable for that failure knows this.

Myth 2: Everybody knows you need a proven track record if you are to raise money. If you doubt it, just look at all the help-wanted ads for development officers that list as a qualification "successful history of managing a major annual campaign or soliciting large donations."

Myth 3: It's common knowledge that corporations and foundations give most of the money. Just ask those who have never done any fund-raising or who would find a contribution of $50 a strain on their budget.

Those three "beliefs" have helped doom many a fund-raising campaign. On the other hand, there are some insights about fund-raising that successful fund-raisers have gained.

These insights often fly in the face of the myths of conventional wisdom. They offer no shortcuts. They promise no instant results.
However, they are not hard to understand, and nearly anyone can profit from them. They are The Nine Basic Truths Of Fund-Raising.

Jennifer D'Alessandro has been a fundraiser for more than 10 years.

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